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Our Services

Strategic Leadership.

We provide superior strategic assistance to CIOs and CTOs, division managers, and Executive offices across the Defense Industry.

IT Governance and Compliance

We assist agencies and organizations in meeting Federal mandates to move the mission forward. Federal mandates such as FISMA and the Clinger Cohen Act often prevent organizations from implementing business and mission processes on schedule. 

Shared-First Engineering

We are experts in providing the technical interoperability standards for information security and accessibility as well as information sharing techniques to drive organizational collaboration and Executive Knowledge.

Enabling Enterprise Integration

With over 20 years of Integration experience, we bring a complete business-focused methodology and experts who understand the strategic and tactical mission. By analyzing technology, processes and tools we create efficient cost-savings and better working environments.

Organizational Change Management.

We provide Change Management to enable organizations and employees to transition through changing strategic, operational or technological environments.

Performance Management

Organizations have a tendency to expand across a broad spectrum of efforts as resources expand. Performance management is a deliberate process to increase corporate/agency effectiveness by strategically using resources, investments, finances and personnel toward primary goals for superior return on investment.


Strategic Leadership

This service is primarily expressed in Federal communities as SETA services (Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance). iCIO offers strategic assistance in engineering, budgeting, analysis and staff responsibilities to optimize the Value of organizations. We are currently providing SETA services to a DoD agency as they transition to a cloud computing environment.

Organizational Change Management

The change management leader provides strategic analysis, implements management processes, and positions personnel for greater productivity while minimizing distractions, impacts and resistance. Internal top-down change efforts often create limping transitions and disunity among personnel and management. Effective change management provides strategic coordination and communication across stakeholders and training / benefit-driven techniques for employees. iCIO has superior personnel in change management practices and extensive experience in recognizing and resolving organizational and political factors that inhibit progress through facilitating methods that span ownership and buy in.