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What Drives Efficiency?

New technology is not always the answer to improved performance, sometimes CIOs simply need to stick with what works and focus on process improvement strategies, internal communication and management flaws. Additionally, employee experience is not easily replaceable, significant resources can be saved if the right people operate procedures and technology under the right work environment. This means empowering employees through organizational best-practices such as the right responsibility and accountability structures. Since people drive change through technology, focus on quality people and positive rewards. Management must motivate by placing individual needs above organizational politics and tradition. Effective Change Management techniques can mean the difference between achieving true mission results and organizational failure disguised as success.

IT Best Practices for Congressional Austerity Measures

The Defense contracting industry is about meeting DOD requirements in order to protect American interests at home and abroad. Ever since 2008, deep budget cuts have required tech providers to meet government requirements with greater innovation and efficiency. CIOs and staffs must decide which technologies to invest in to meet multiple challenges. This includes mission dominance, performance, security, usability, consolidation, compliance, lifecycle and financial.

The good news is that information technologies and communication platforms are rising to the occasion. But technology is only half the answer, in order to exceed DOD requirements in the midst of Congressional Austerity measures, the Government must gain strategic analysis, prioritize risks and encourage innovation accordingly.

Industry best practices and techniques must take into consideration best business value for the needs of each client. I believe this can be achieved through strategic SETA services that place performance needs above traditional practices.